Thursday, 25 April 2013

What on Earth am I going to write about?!

Things might get a little blurry when choosing future topics for your shiny new blog. People usually have something more general in their minds, like: 'I'm gonna blog about my favorite fashion designer' or 'I can write something about the latest trends in online marketing', but they face the first real challenge when writing the very first blogpost (in case they've came up with the name easily).

I've faced the same problem for hundreds of times in case of many many posts, but the truth is, there's always something to write about and as long as you put yourself into those writings, you can't do anything wrong. I don't consider myself an experienced blogger and I'm obviously not trying to set up any rules for blogging, I write only about the things I've seen and virtually tasted while building my online presence. 

The topic - name correlation

I think it's essential, but should not be too obvious. I like names that contain a clever twist or something (you have a feeling about the topic, but don't know for sure). In this blog I intend to write about lots of funny/interesting/heart-melting things related to what many of us might have in common: a nice job at the office and what lies beneath it, how to make the best of it without losing our creative sanity, sense of humour and taste of beauty.

After pinpointing the topic I looked up the Internet to see if I find any articles regarding the name choice for a new blog and I've found this one. 'Be unique, be amusing, be odd' it says, but I would add a few more things, like don't choose something that's too long and too hard to remember. I usually think of it as a brand - if I'd start making customized penholders, what kind of logo would I invent? I would also check the url of my blog, I obviously don't want to make up a name that simply looks bad.

Sometimes the most ridiculous things can trigger a great idea of a blog name or a topic to your next post, it usually happens to me many a time that a childish rhyme, an amazing melody or a word from the lyrics of great song or poem triggers a whole stream of thoughts. It's nice to discover hidden connections between things you wouldn't imagine, right?

The Office Beatnik was triggered by this song:

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