Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Beatnik salutes you from her office desk

Starting a blog is easy peasy. Sometimes. But other times it's rather more complicated, especially when you have to come up with a catchy online pseudonym and create a ravish design. Later on, of course, all you have to do is to keep things going ( = post reguraly).

I've started blogging while preparing my thesis paper in literature (it was 2006/2007 if I recall it right). I was all over with Hemingway, The Lost Generation and literary modernism and felt the urge to write about my reading experiences in my own manner. I've used Yahoo! 360°, then I switched to Blogger. I have been using Blogger since then.

My current blog is a little personal style book completed with posts about music and literature, but besides that I wanted to create a blog somewhat more specific - this is what you are reading right now.

So who is the Office Beatnik? 

She is a 20-something woman who works at the office, likes beautiful clothes, has an unusual taste in music, novels and design. Because (and not only) of her job she likes to discover and try out everything related to the online media, she's fascinated by all that's geek and hi-tech, but at the same time she's a little vintage lover as well, this is how she became a 21st Century Beatnik.

Barefeet Beatnik Girl
(Image from Notes on the Highstreet)

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