Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thoughts triggered by trivial things

It's interesting to look through the blogposts you've written so far, to see the difference in the way you've changed your style and elaborated your topic. In the previous post I've mentioned the things that come from nowhere and trigger an idea that needs to be implemented, no matter what.

The triggering element - topic correlation

In most of the cases I take a note, make a photo or draw a little sketch of the triggering element and it's a brainstorming exercise really, because sometimes I suddenly realize that some of these elements can be combined, thus creating new ideas or topics. It's a cool thing to perceive such connections.

It's like when I was so eager to become a graphic designer after I graduated. Despite my urge it didn't work out for me, so I was looking for other ways of expression. It quickly came down on me that what I needed was writing. It's like a therapy for keeping your thoughts organized and getting yourself ready for new ideas.

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