Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Coolest Office Break Rooms

Is it cosy? Is it stylish? Is it completely different than your regular spot at the office? It's every employee's dream to work at an inspiring workplace, where even the break room is designed in such a manner that you're simply eager to spend  a little time in it.

Yandex office by Atrium Designers

The general aspect of the office space in most cases is defined by the profile of the company - a hip advertising agency for example will certainly have a heartmovingly stylish interior design. I'm sure you're all familiar with those office spotting sites and blogs that present ravish designs of the most popular companies, or the images of various Google offices around the world. My favourite site presenting the most popular compaines' behind-the-scenes images is The Daily Muse. Here you're not only given a little insight to the offices, but interviews with some of the representatives as well.

Break Room at Enervex Inc. - Venting Design Solutions
Image Source

While looking at these great office designs I couldn't help but admire the way they pay attention the little details in order to create a sophisticated, yet laid back atmosphere: the walls sometimes remain uncovered (in case of brick walls this is absolutely obvious), while the rooms are given a certain  character with the help of beautiful installations and wonderful decorating elements.

Swatch - Switzerland

What I like the most about these office diaries are the images of office break rooms, where co-workers can eat, relax and have a coffee break. These areas in many cases are designed in such a way that they really create a sense of escape from your daily duties for a couple of minutes and to fill  you up with new energy.

Parliamentdesign, Portland, Oregon

Der Tank, Tallin, Estonia

Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid, Spain

Level Eight by Collins Towers

The uncovered raw material like wood or brick and the exciting jungle-like sections break the monotony of the stern office design and inspire new ideas. Though the office where I work has no such design, but it does have huge windows and an exceptional view to green hills and high trees. How does your office look like?

Check out futher images here.


  1. I really like this post. Those are indeed some cool design solutions. I wish our company had one of those ponds I'd surely dive into it.

  2. Hi Adam! I'm glad you liked it. Be careful what you wish, office ponds can sometimes be very dangerous, look (lol): http://youtu.be/hwmAiSsWgCI