Thursday, 2 May 2013

Exploring a creative mindset with mind mapping tools

If you're getting serious about blogging or content writing, you might face the problem of not knowing how to continue with posting. It's a common rule that you should write down what comes to your mind, make a list of the ideas you'd like to discuss. It's a really good way to get a fresh perspective on your older thoughts  and you can avoid to shift away from your main topic.

Modern brainstorming tools

Most of the times I really like to stick to old-fashioned things like taking notes with pen and paper or my antiquated mobile phone, but then again, I'm really into hot new tech stuff as well. I thought I'd search for some crazy mind-mapping tools and see how they'd ease my thinking.
I've found a great number of creative tools, but I've chosen three that I'm thinking of using regularly:


You can sign up for free and try lots of great functions to plan a whole project in detail. This tool is dedicated  for companies mainly, but I think it can be useful for bloggers as well. You can add notes, different kinds of icons and images, tasks and due dates and the 'ideas' can be shared and edited simultaneously.

mindmeister brainstorming

This one is way simpler than MindMeister and you can start brainstorming without registering. There are no fancy icons or images here, but you can easily export the sheet with your precious ideas.

Mind mapping about blogging

Very professional, my personal favourite. While looking at this one I realized I could use this tool not only for brainstorming, but to do more. The landing page has convinced me in such a way that I felt a certain urge to create a flowchart, a floor plan and a venn diagram as well, even though I don't really need them right now.

floor plan created with Gliffy

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